(i) Participation of every student is ensured in complete sports, cultural programmes, Annual functions, Teachers’ Day, Children’s, Day Christmas Eve, Winter Camps and Saraswati Puja in every academic session.

(ii) In addition, there are HOBBY CLASSES from where the children have the opportunity to choose from Quiz, Aerobics, Martial Arts . Music, Games and Play, Scouting and Guiding.

We believe every child has some latent talent, and we seek to make them aware of this. We offer a wide range of activities so that the children can discover their interests and learn a skill.

The school tries to inculcate in the students in their tender age values pertaining to the needs of the society.  On Independence day students are told to bring the old dresses, biscuits, toffees, pencils, exercise books etc. which are distributed to hospitals, orphanages, old age homes.
The school has undertaken a mission to distribute vegetables and grocery to different orphanages and blind schools.